Where Authenticity begins...
Where Authenticity begins...

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Great communities start with the energy that connects them. Within each of our events we will talk about practices that center us or get us present in the moment, while connecting with others within the community.


Is your life authentically balanced? Together, we will focus on:

+ Mindfulness

+ Meditation

+ Specialty practices

+ Purposeful Life

+ Community connection

+ Sync with personal energy healing


Upcoming Events

Mastermind group: Authenticity Talks


As a Wellness practitioner and solo-entrepreneur it is easy to stand in your own way when it comes to running your business. Having a team to help you through it is crucial to future success. Join us for great conversation and idea sharing with like-minded professionals such as yourself.

Beer, Buddies, and Better Health

A Community event for male practitioners to connect within the community and each other for the purpose of networking, learning, and being part of a great group of like-minded men.

**Look for the link to our MEET UP, here soon.


Women, Wine & Wellness

An amazing Community event where women come together to network, learn, and development partnerships with a little wine.

**Look for our Meet Up, .


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