Where Authenticity begins...
Where Authenticity begins...

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Focusing on authentic foods and activity will increase energy, decrease stress, and allow for a better life. Here is where you will find opportunities to join groups, classes or workshops to support your overall wellness goals.




Do you have a plan for overall well being? Together, we will focus on:


+ Stress Management

+ Getting Organized

+ Strategic Nutrition

+ Planning resources
+ Accountability tracking
+ Group support

Upcoming Events

Book Club

A remarkable friend of mine has written a great book and we are establishing a live program to support his concept in living well. Join us on this life changing journey of increased life satisfaction, decreased stress, more energy and increased clarity with a new mojo. His story is fantastic as well as resourceful. The group will stay together throughout the first two months as well as offer continued support over the year.


We will start the 21 day Metabolic reset program on April 2nd. This program will include:


  • Weekly meetings on Saturday morning to follow-up and support your progress.

  • Private Facebook group for support from your peers.

  • Daily videos of encouragement and instructions.

  • One-on-one coaching if needed.


All you need to do it sign-up with the below link for a low fee for the best year of healthy habits. You will need to read the book before April 1st, and start the practices with the group on the first day.



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